The Bullet Series Skimmers are back with a Vengeance!


With a new mold, the Precision Marine Jet Nozzle™ performs better than ever. Improvements in the mold provides a better fit resulting greater air production, a finer air mist and ultimately more skimmate production. 

This series is not for the light-hearted. Raw, organic-stripping power is the name of the game. In contrast with needle-wheel skimmers that skim with finess, the Precision Marine Jet Nozzle™ generates much more air than any needle-wheel skimmer can produce....what we call Raw Skimming Power!

Practically, what does this mean? Most organic compounds must be reduced by the mineralization process which then must be reduced through nitrification resulting in nitrates, an ion we as aquarists must not tolerateBy accelerating the removal of organic compounds, this greatly diminishes the mineralization process. This lessens the bio-load, does not tax nitrifying bacteria and ultimately less nitrates are present. 

Six Models to choose from. Larger models for central filtration systems up to 1,500 gallons.

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