Late 2018 Pro Series Release

Packed Full of Useful Features – Heavy-Duty, Domestic Cell-Cast Acrylic – No Fluff

The R48 PRO PLUS is the top of the line of sumps. Included are all of the latest features and updates. All Precision Marine sumps are built using premium, optical-grade, cast acrylic throughout. NEVER any cost-cutting extruded materials.

Key features include:

  • 1” Bulkhead in Return Chamber
  • 3 - ½” Bulkheads to Manage Return Plumbing from Media Reactors, etc.
  • 5 - ¼” Speedfittings for positive connection of dosing lines and ATO
  • Wires Stays for return pump power cord, Skimmer Pump, Probe Lines & Heater Power Cords.
  • Heavyweight ⅜” Thick Polycarbonate Lid (not ¼") over Filter Bags to Control noise & splashing.
  • Single & Dual Heater Holders

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Pro Series Sumps

R48 Pro

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Pro Series Sumps

R48 Pro Special Edition

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Pro Series Sumps

R48 Pro Plus

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5 out of 5
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