Precision Marine Pro Series Officially Released!

Two new models with more models to come. 

The Pro Series utilize the Precision Marine Quiet-Flow system to route aquarium water into the reservoir and over the micron bags. This is accomplished by using a baffle to isolate the water, control any turbulence and then direct that gentle flow of water into the micron bags. 

Being a protein skimmer manufacturer for over 18 years, we understand the importance of a large area for a robust skimmer. Take a look at each of the models specifications to be sure your skimmer will fit. Don’t hesitate contacting us for advice on which skimmer to get.

  • All premium, optical grade cast acrylic construction
  • White baffles block light and prevent undesirable algae growth in other chambers.
  • Single, dual or triple - 200 micron bags for mechanical filtration
  • ½” high density polyethylenelid over micron bags provides easy access to micron bags
  • ⅜” thick, heavy-duty micron bags bracket w/precision-machined openings for micron bag flange
  • Single, dual or triple drains
  • Final mechanical sponge chamber with sponge
  • 5 space tubing holders for dosing or top-off
  • Full top provides bracing on all sides
  • Slotted/Grooves to strain any algae from refugium section to protect water pump.