Bulkhead Wrenches 50% Off

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Our famous bulkhead are wrenches are on-sale. Deep discounts! The best bulkhead wrenches in the business.

Manufactured since 2004, Precision Marine Bulkhead wrenches are designed to work with most Bulkhead Fittings and definitely fit the fittings we distribute. Machined from solid ½" PVC, these tools are extremely versatile.

The wrenches are normally used for, but are not limited to new installations. Popularly used for those that need to replace a fitting that has failed or to simply tighten a nut that has loosened. Obviously the plumbing will need to be removed first.

Available in 5 Sizes ½", ¾", 1", 1½" & 2"


Offer expires midnight tonight. Use coupon code "Christmas2016"

  • They can be cut down for tight spaces
  • You can add more pipe to make them longer
  • Add a tee or an elbow for leverage
  • Get a set for every installer's toolbox
  • By extending the PVC with a coupling, you can Install bulkhead fittings in tall overflow boxes by yourself!

Fits Most Bulkheads - Not guaranteed to fit all bulkhead nuts.

Available in:

  • ½", ¾, 1", 1½" & 2"