Everything you love about the R48 PRO, "PLUS" an additional 4 inches of width. Holding a net volume of 70 gallons, now there are two reasons to choose a high capacity, "off-the-shelf," Precision Marine Pro Series sump. Custom specs rather than a custom build which can expensive very quickly.

  • New dosing line stays correspond with holders which are integrated in the fully trimmed top and line up beautifully. Perfectly straight every time! Standard on all Pro Series Sumps!
  • Integrated 1" emergency overflow now comes standard on the R48 PRO & PRO PLUS.
  • Optional pump chamber lid features ½" thick, heavy weight, machined polypropylene. A 20 thousandths of an inch clearance for a tight fit.
  • Custom features that appear on the off-the-shelf Pro Series line. These new features start today!

Shipping Tuesday 4/26

What Separates Precision Marine from the Competition

~ The Pro Series Difference ~

ALL ¼” Thick Domestic Cell-Cast Acrylic Construction
We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic on dividers or any other parts!
⅜” Thick Custom Machined, Acrylic Micron Bag Bracket - Micron Bags Sit Flush in Bracket
Heavy-Duty ½” Thick Polypropylene Lid Over Micron bags
USA Made Micron Bags
Optional ½” Thick Polypropylene Pump Chamber Cover

What people are saying...

I have set up numerous types of refugiums. To be honest, Precision Marine has been the best made out there! Never had a leak. There's no salt creep formation on the new PRO series and the quality is top of the line material. I'm not just saying that cuz I order from them. I have tried different refugiums but they don't compare. For example the Trigger systems refugium and the quality is not as good as Precision Marine. They make my job harder. All it is is a pretty shell.

Posted by Jason Giannas on Friday, March 25, 2016

Just placed order for new custom sump and possibly new ATO. Excellent experience dealing with Mike. Extremely professional, knows exactly what he is doing which takes the guessing game out and more importantly has great communication, which I found in this hobby to be extremely, extremly poor. Kudos to Mike and team, can't wait to get this setup for the 500G that's on the way.
Thanks Mike!

Posted by Juan Nunez on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Experienced wonderful customer service from precision marine. I look forward to doing business with them again, and I cannot wait to install my new equipment.

Posted by Johnny Vegas on Monday, March 7, 2016

48 x 24 x 15 | 70g Net Volume

Coming April 26!!!