KR620 Kalkreactor 🇺🇸

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KR620 Kalkreactor 🇺🇸

  • Reliable Cobalt water pump is used in lieu of the magnetic stir bar, which tends to jam, bind and wear the acrylic
  • Includes a threaded opening at the top to allow adding kalk powder
  • Includes drain valve to lower the water level for adding kalk powder without removing the lid
  • Made using the best 3/16" wall cast acrylic tubing
  • ⅜" Thick cast acrylic lid & base
  • O-ring for reliable seal


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  • Base Dimensions: 7¾" x 7¾"

  • Dimension to Outside of Pump: 11½" 
  • Overall Height: 19¼"
  • Reaction Tube Diameter: 6''
  • Reaction Tube Height: 18''
  • Water Inlet/Outlet Size: ¼'' Speedfitting
  • Feed Method: Gravity or Dosing Pump