R30 🇺🇸


R30 🇺🇸


Meet the Precision Marine R30 Premium Refugium. There is no equal to these top-quality refugiums. We use them, installers use them and we think you should too! 

Check with your local retailer or call us directly to assist you in finding a dealer in your area. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Call us toll-free at 888.825.6716 and we will pleased to point you in the right direction!

We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic on any parts like nearly all of the others.

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Precision Marine Premium Refugiums possess all of the elements one looks for in a below tank filter.

  • All premium, optical grade cast acrylic construction.
  • Mechanical Filtration in the form of 100 micron bags.
  • Single or dual depending upon model.
  • Integrated Calcium Reactor speed fitting for CR effluent.
  • Integrated Substrate Reactor fitting for SR return.
  • Slotted/Grooves to strain any algae from refugium section to protect water pump.
  • Sponge chamber if so desired.
  • We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic on any parts like nearly all of the others.


  • Overall Dimensions:    30”x 14”x 15”
  • Skimmer Chamber (upper):    11½”x 8½”        
  • Skimmer Chamber (lower):    11½”x 13½”
  • Refugium Chamber:    10¼”x 13½”        
  • Pump Chamber:            5”x 13½”
  • Drain Size:                Dual 1”
  • Optimized Water Level:        8”