R48 PRO 🇺🇸

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R48 PRO 🇺🇸


Precision Marine Pro Series Refugiums offers additional features to our Classic Series Refugiums.

The Pro Series utilize the Precision Marine Quiet-Flow system to route incoming water from the tank into an isolated chamber to capture and control any turbulence and direct that gentle flow of water into the micron bags for 100% mechanical filtration.

⬅︎ R48 Pro stock photo is photographed on a black background. No parts are black.

We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic Anywhere!

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What Separates Precision Marine from the Competition

~ The Pro Series Difference ~

ALL ¼” Thick Domestic Cell-Cast Acrylic Construction

We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic on dividers or any other parts!

⅜” Thick Custom Machined, Acrylic Micron Bag Bracket - Micron Bags Sit Flush in Bracket

Heavy-Duty ½” Thick Polypropylene Lid Over Micron bags

USA Made Micron Bags

Optional ½” Thick Polypropylene Pump Chamber Cover

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Key Features

  • Premium, optical-grade, cast acrylic construction throughout. NEVER and cost-cutting extruded acrylic 
  • ¼" thick acrylic used on EVERY piece. NO cost-cutting .220 or thinner material as seen on our competitors
  • White baffles block light and prevent undesirable algae growth in other chambers.
  • Single or Dual - 100 or 200 micron bags for mechanical filtration
  • ½” heavy weight, high density polyethylene lid over micron bags provides easy access to micron bags
  • ⅜” thick, heavy-duty micron bags bracket w/precision-machined openings for micron bag flange
  • Dual 1½" drains
  • Final mechanical sponge chamber with sponge
  • 5 space tubing holders for dosing or top-off
  • Full top provides bracing on all sides
  • 3D Slotted/Grooves for a perfect sheet of water & to strain any algae from refugium section to protect water pump.
  • Magnetic probe-holder option gives you the ability to place your probes exactly where you want them.
  • Massive Skimmer Chamber

We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic Anywhere

Experience the PM Difference!


R48 PRO ships dock to terminal on a pallet for safe arrival.

  • The adjustable water level gimmick: We have never found a respectable skimmer that doesn't perform properly in 8" of water. Nor too high or too low. So, why pay for it? With a Precision Marine sump you're getting better quality, thicker acrylic, finer machining and attention to detail for the same cost.
  • The probe holder gimmick: Users of electrodes or probes should have the ability of placing them where they want. That being said, magnetic probe holders give you the flexibility of locating the holder where you want, and they're cheap! Another "feature" you're paying for.
  • The “Platforms for media” gimmick:  Let's face it, filter media is best used in a media reactor where 100% of the water is exposed to that media, regardless of the type of filter material (Bio-Pellets, GFO, Activated Carbon, Nitrate Removing Media, etc). Most types of filter media only perform as intended when it’s fluidized (moving in the reactor). And besides those points.... who doesn't use a media reactor these days?
  • "Colors": Okay, We're going to come right out and say it. Who cares? We'll take thicker, heavy duty material over thinner, inferior materials. That felt good.
    • These are refugiums we’re talking about… why mechanically filter out the very organisms that are being cultivated in live rock and sand (in your refugium)? It doesn’t make sense. The sponge included in our sumps are used as a last resort if your skimmer creates uncontrollable bubbles. The 3D grooves in our dividers (bordering the refugium and bubble trap) will protect the return pump from debris. Why pay for this “feature”?

Two New Features